The 2019 session focused on balancing the budget and passing important legislation to foster a healthy and prosperous Oregon. We were successful in investing in Oregon’s economic future, funding education fully for the first time, promoting public health and safety, and supporting Oregon’s most vulnerable citizens.
Renter Protections: SB 608 Prohibits landlord from terminating month-to-month tenancy without cause after 12-month occupancy.
Housing Affordability: HB 2002 Appropriates funding and expands protections to preserve affordable housing. HB 2003 Gives local jurisdictions additional direction and resources to plan for their housing needs. HB 2006 Provides funding for grants to support programs and services for low-income families in need of housing. HB 2896 Provides $15 million to help residents of manufactured home parks.
Health Care
Prescription Drug Equity: SB 698 Require that prescription drugs be labeled in English and other languages, when requested. HB 2935 Requires pharmacies to notify a person with visual impairment to whom a prescription drug is dispensed of the availability of a prescription reader.
Patient Safety: SB 1027 Allows health care providers who have a needlestick injury to start preventative measures if the patient is unconscious or unable to consent.  SB 1039 Allows Health Care Advocate for persons who are not capable of making health care decisions themselves or do not have a person in their life to make these decisions on their behalf.
Public Health Investments: SB 283 Requires Oregon Health Authority to complete a peer review safety study on the effects of wireless internet in schools. HB 2652 Requires that white water rafting outfitters and guides make available helmets to all passengers. HB 2270 Refers to the voters a ballot measure to increase the tax on cigarettes, e-cigarettes and cigar products to align with California and Washington prices. Revenues raised will help with mental health services, medical assistance programs, and public health programs, including programs addressing tobacco and nicotine-related diseases. HB 3076 Directs OHA to establish a minimum amount of community benefit services applicable to nonprofit hospitals.
Prescription Drug & Pharmacy Transparency: HB 2658 Requires manufacturers of prescription drugs to report increases in the prices of certain prescription drugs at least 60 days before the increase. HB 2185 Allows pharmacies to better serve the consumer on prescription drug service and deliveries. 
SB 3 Allows community colleges to offer baccalaureate degree programs.
SB 52 Requires school districts to adopt comprehensive district plans on student suicide prevention.
HB 3427 Student Success Act creates new dedicated and sustainable education funding streams and new provisions to fully fund education in the state for the first time.
HB 2025 Preschool promise program modifies age limits to prenatal through five years of age.
Single Use Plastic: HB 2509 Establishes a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags to customers in retail establishments. HB requires consumers to specifically request single-use plastic straw in order to be provided.
Clean Transportation: SB 1044 Establishes goals to promote zero-emission vehicles use in the state fleet purchases and leases. HB 2007 Requires certain motor vehicle users in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties to transition to clean diesel engines by 2025. Diesel emissions contribute to the state’s acute air quality problems and put children, seniors, and those with health challenges at risk.
Economic Security
SB 1049 Redirects portions of Public Employees Retirement System employee member contributions to employee pension stability account.
SB 11 Makes it easier for people to understand and purchase redemption rights on their property.
SB 861 Requires paid postage on ballot return envelopes to make voting more accessible.
SB 1008 helps juveniles who have committed offenses be rehabilitated and get second chances
HB 2005 Provides for Paid Family and Medical leave.
HB 2015 Eliminates requirement that a person must provide proof of citizenship or residency in the United States to get a driver's license or identification card. 
East County Successes
SB 431 Creates urban flood safety and water quality district along the Columbia River levees in Multnomah County.
HB 2328 Provides easier conviction of person who steals a vehicle, boat or aircraft.
HB 5050 Reynolds High School funding of $2,377,028 to build a school-based health center.
HB 5050 Provides Tucker Maxon School at $500,000 for capital construction. 
HB 5050 Provides Gresham’s Gradin Sports Park at over $2,042,875 million in capital construction.
East Metro Gang Enforcement Team funds the program at $2,004,334. 

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